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K Series Upper Coolant Housing W Straight Elbow Filler Neck Hose For K20Z3 K24

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K Series Upper Coolant Housing W Straight Elbow Hose Fitting For K20Z3 K24 🇺🇸

Applications: K20Z3 and most K24 heads (Excluding K24A1)

Note: Designed to provide greater clearance for sidewinder style turbo manifolds.

Here is the MadDogPerformance Upper Coolant Housing. With applications for both K20 and K24 engines, these housings will provide several unique advantages over the stock units. The hose outlet on the housing pivots slightly, allowing approximately 15 degrees of angle adjustment. This is helpful when compared to the fixed the factory outlet that always seems to put the upper rad hose in the path of the intake piping.

We have also designed an optional filler neck that can be used to relocate the radiator cap to a higher point on the engine itself. The new location is the highest point of the cooling system and allows air pockets to easily escape during the coolant bleeding process. This part will be very helpful on an engine that already has a bad reputation for coolant bleeding.

The MadDogPerformance Upper Coolant Housing will compliment our Swivel Neck Thermostat. All of these parts allow plenty of options for custom and race engine cooling setups.

Please note this will not work with any K24Z-series and K24Y-series engines