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Supertech 85lb Dual Valve Springs & TRC Titanium Retainers For Honda B16 B18c SI

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Supertech Performance Dual Valve Springs AND TRC Titanium Retainers for the Honda & Acura B Series VTEC B16, B18 Engines - 85lb

SPR-H100DR - Supertech Dual Valve Springs - 85 lb Seat Pressure

Outer Spring - 30.20mm OD - 22.50mm ID
Inner Spring - 22.50 OD - 16.80 ID
85lb seat pressure @ 35.50mm
15.00mm Max Net Lift
18.50mm Coil Bind
12.5 lbs/mm Rate

Will Fit Honda & Acura B16, B16A, B16A2, B16A3, B17A, B18C, B18C1, B18C5, B18C6 Engines
Complete set of 16 Dual Valve Springs

This Package Includes: Supertech Performance Dual Valve Springs # SPR-H100DR and TRC Titanium retainers. X16 springs and X16 retainers

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