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x2 Pair Fuel Sensor Connector Pigtail Plastic FOR GM E85 Flex Fuel Ethanol

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$9.99 - $9.99
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This listing is for 2 / Pair of the connectors 

GM Flex Fuel E85 Sensor Connector 3 Pin. This connectors fits the 3 pin GM Flex Fuel E85 content sensors. This is the version of this connector that is a perfect fit. Pre-crimped pigtail wires are included, in the correct colors for power, ground, and signal output.

Fits Second generation GM E85 plastic housing sensors 2006-up manufactured by Continental 
AC Delco / GM # 13577394, 13577379, 13577429 or aftermarket equivalent

18g TXL wire, Approximately (6 inches) correctly color coded for E85 Compatible GM vehicles
Pin 1-- Vcc To 12v Ignition Source, Key in Run Position - Sensor Power
Pin 2-- GND To Common Computer Ground - Sensor Ground 
Pin 3-- Vout To Computer sensor output - Ethanol Percentage and Fuel Temperature Signal