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LS1 Knock Sensor Adapter Harness to Dual Wire Knock Sensors LS3

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Knock Sensor Conversion Harness

  • Allows for dual wire knock sensors to be plugged into the factory LS1 harness.

  • 26" Length
  • Plug and Play with factory harness and sensors
  • Ring terminals connect to ground

Manufacture Details:

  • OEM Delphi-Packard connectors, terminals and seals
  • High TEMP cross-linked polyethylene TXL wire
  • Terminals were crimped with a production line Rennsteig die
  • 257°F (125°C) Heat resistant nylon Delphi-Packard certified loom tubing.


  • Dual wire knock sensors on an LS1 engine with LS1 wiring Harness
  • Engines with dual wire knock sensors using an LS1 wiring harness

In order to use dual wire knock sensors in an LS1 car the vehicle may require special PCM software changes or a PCM programmed for the use of dual wire knock sensors. We do not offer support for these changes.

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