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Water Methanol Injection MAF Signal Breakout Adapter for LS2

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This Plug-n-Play Adapter provides a MAF Signal wire to connect to your Water/Methanol Injection System without cutting and splicing into your Wiring Harness. Just plug the adapter inline with your MAF and hook the Yellow wire to your Water/Methanol Injection System. If you decide to remove the system or move it to another vehicle just unplug the adapter and plug the factory harness back into your MAF.

This Plug-n-Play adapter is commonly used on LS2 but fits many other GM MAF's . If you are not sure this will work for your application, please ask and we will confirm for you.

This Auto Wiring Solutions adapter was manufactured using high temperature cross-linked polyethylene TXL wire & OEM Connectors, pins and seals to ensure a secure, long lasting, moisture free connection at the MAF and at the Harness interconnect. These are the same components used by the OEM on the factory harness.

This Auto Wiring Solutions adapter is appox. 4" long with an 18" Signal Breakout Lead.

We build our MAF adapters using High Temperature braided fiberglass sleeving instead of plastic convoluted tubing, this sleeving resists abrasion, chemicals, and under hood temperatures. This High-temperature sleeving allows close proximity to Exhaust & Engine heat without worrying about wire damage or plastic convoluted tubing cracking.

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